I have to say that some of the attacks on the New York Times are entertaining. (I can't be too emotionally invested in that paper since I'm too pissed off about what the Tribune Co. and Sam Zell has done to the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times.)<br><br>It seems that the default position of people with any axe to grind is to simply attack the New York Times. It's not that the Times (or more specifically Judith Miller) hasn't deserved an awful lot of condemnation for their cheerleading of the Iraq War. They certainly betrayed their readership by pimping their news coverage for access and I do mean "pimping" in the most sexually explicit way.<br><br>Speaking of sex... that's what makes this whole dustup with McCain so entertaining. The thing is... I don't entirely think anyone cares what Republican is having sex with whom just so long as it's not a congressional page or in an airport bathroom. Hell, McCain is someone's grandpa. The very thought of him having sex under any circumstance is somewhere on the hilarious side of creepy to begin with.<br><br>-- Cee Bee Double-U
-- Cee Bee Double-U