Jaybomac!<br><br>Good to see ya here! Everyone's coming out of the woodwork, I see.<br><br>I have no regrets for my purchase, and the release of the 16 giger is cause for no buyers remorse. I only have a few playlists synced to the iPhone, including the top rated tunes (400 of close to 6000). If I needed to listen to music on the phone I'd have a pretty good start. I also have Finding Nemo and the Shawshank Redemption-- just to show off. I've never watched an entire movie on the phone. Space isn't an issue for me.<br><br>So what's left? GPS? You've seen my take on the issue in this thread. You've see Sean's.<br><br>3G? I've got WiFi at home and at work. There are times when I need to use AT&T's Edge and it kinda sucks. But, I think that if 3G uses battery life as badly as I've heard then maybe Edge is a compromise I can live with. <br><br>Think about that. <br><br>I can't go too much more than a day without completely discharging the battery of my iPhone. I'm pretty much down to a routine as far as when and where I need to get some juice. I'm not sure I'd feel like adjusting my life for a routine that required more charging than I currently need.<br><br>