Well, Apple could prevent the SDK from working on unlocked phones if they wanted to, but yeah, as you point out, there probably isn't much sense in that. Especially considering their numbers.<br><br>That lost revenue figure seems to be changing depending on the source, analyst and the media, for sure. I saw figures ranging from that 300 million up to 500 million. Major chunk of that would be from the US market though, as is most of the suspected unlocked phones, and that's what is my main interest here.<br><br>The European telcos haven't announced their figures, but I'm guessing they'll be also losing quite a lot of iPhone customers, as in many countries in Europe, it isn't officially available, but people already use them. For instance in Finland, our current legislation won't even allow any kind of phone-carrier bundle unless it's a 3G device and Sweden has rather strict laws as well. OTOH, we are talking about 5 million and 8-9 million peoples' markets, which really are peanuts compared to German, French and UK markets.<br><br>At the same time I'm thinking how come Apple or AT&T aren't even commenting on the amount of unlocked phones. They aren't even enforcing the carrier exclusivity really -- well, bricking the phones with a firmware update would be bad PR -- but aren't they also sending a mixed message to obedient customers? I mean that 1 to 1.45 million unlocked phones is about one fifth (1/5) to one quarter (1/4) of all the phones out there and new buyers just might start following the trend dumping AT&T from the get go.<br><br>
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