I wonder if the SDK will support unlocked phones?<br><br>What are you asking? Will the software developed using Apple's SDK run on unlocked iPhones? No reason to think it wouldn't. <br><br>Software developed without the use of the SDK runs just fine so there is no reason to think that software made with the SDK would discriminate or refuse to run. Or that software developed with the SDK would perform any better than the stuff coming out of the skunkworks now. <br><br>Case in point, the applications developed specifically to run on the iPhone, such as Mail, Maps, Stocks, Weather, and Notes all work perfectly on my iPod Touch.<br><br>Whether the SDK software works or not, it's safe to say that the developer community that has sprouted up in support unlocked iPhones and Touches will continue their efforts to support those who continue to pay them for their efforts.<br><br>Where it could become messy would be if the SDK agreement between Apple and the developers strictly forbids them to support mirrored efforts to provide both legal and illegal distros.<br><br>I read a headline that Apple has lost 300 million in lost revenue from iPhone buyers who never signed up with an authorized carrier. But, we are probably talking about the total residuals from the carrier paid to Apple over the life of the contract.<br><br>No one argues that that is good money lost but for the moment I believe it is in Apple's best interest to allow the iPhone to pick up momentum, even if it means allowing unlocked phones to flourish. While doing so, Apple has to be studying the nuances of the iPhone in the wild.<br><br>That many of the developers will embrace Apple's SDK in order to legitimize their efforts and make steady money, I have no doubt. One need only look at how successful the whole widgets developer community has become, thanks to Apple, who provided a venue to showcase their efforts. iTunes Store will become even more convoluted now, with the advent of software sales for this platform.<br><br><br>M i c h a e l (OFI)

M i c h a e l (OFI)