I recently acquired 2 eMacs from a friend. The first one I received is a 1ghz machine with 512MB RAM ...it's COMPLETELY dead. I hit the button and it does jack schitt. I'm guessing it's the power supply. <br><br>Enter eMac #2. I get it home last night thinking it's the same as the first one. Nope. It's 700mhz with 384MB RAM ...but it does work. <br><br>My question is if I can either snag the power supply from the 700mhz eMac and slap it into 1ghz machine ...or transplant the logic board into the 700mhz shell. Are they similar enough to transplant parts?<br><br>The 700mhz eMac has big holes in it's speaker grate ...the 1ghz has small holes. If that helps any.<br><br>I have taken the 1ghz machine almost completely apart, so I know somewhat how they are put together.<br><br>zweisoft<br>