Anyone here have any experience with it yet? <br><br>I was goofing around with Word for a bit today, and I have to say that I like the feel of it. I can't give any better feedback than that at this early juncture (it's only been a few hours), but so far, so good.<br><br>There is one thing though, that I'd like to address: Upon completing my first document, I discovered that I wasn't able to print it because my Cannon inkjet was out of an ink cartridge (imagine that: an inkjet printer out of ink?). So I emailed the document to my father who just happened to have received an all-in-one laser/copier/scanner as a gift from me this past Christmas, and I was excited to see how it did.<br><br>Well lo and behold-- the document was saved by default in the Office Open XML format (.docx) rather than the .doc format that we have all become used to ever since file extensions became normal on Macs. This format could not be opened on my father's machine which was loaded with what was the latest version of Office only a week ago.<br><br>No problem. I just saved my document ("Save as") in the old format and resent it.<br><br>The thing is... one would think that there would be better backwards compatibility, right? Not everyone is going to run out and get Office right away, and there will most definitely be problems, I think. How many here were already familiar with this issue? Is this old news? I'm pretty shocked that I discovered it the way I did.<br><br>