I personally can't see the market for something like this. The iPod works because you can function in many capacities while listening to music, it doesn't interfere much with your ability to do much of anything. I use my iPod on average about 5 hours per day, between listening at work and plugging it into the car stereo while commuting. Watching a video pretty much makes you useless for anything else, execpt for sitting on an exercise machine or riding some form of public transportation. Where would I watch tiny videos, in line at the grocery store? With the tiny monitor, you would pretty much have to watch alone or maybe one other companion. A group wont be crowding around the the thing to watch while you wait for your table at a restaurant, and you should be talking to each other instead anyway. Where does the content come from? Just whatever QuickTime movies you have available or make for yourself? I think you'd run out of things to watch pretty quickly. If you could encode TV programs from your TiVo onto the thing in one easy step, that would be nice, for the public transportation commuter crowd again. If you did do that, how would they be encoded, because the files are potentially huge. If compressed to be specifically on the tiny device, then that is nice, except the encoding will be slow (more compression = more time to compress). With the iPod screen res being 160x128, you wont be using a video out to a TV with any decent results.<br><br>The walkman was a huge success and the watchman a yawn for many of these same reasons. I would hope Apple could recognize that before making this their new device, and I think they would get that since they won't make a PDA for the same reason - negligible market.<br><br>Not saying I am right, but I really just can't see it.<br><br>