My DSL modem/router has WiFi G. If I buy an AirPort Extreme (or Time Capsule), can the following be done?<br><br>* DSL router connected to Internet and broadcasting a WiFi G network, same as I use now.<br><br>* AirPort Extreme connects wirelessly to that, and broadcasts its OWN WiFi N network--at full N speed?<br><br>* I connect my Macs to the AirPort's network, not to the router's network. This would have no effect on Internet access, but I now have full N speed for copying files on LAN.<br><br>Would that work? AirPort connected to the Internet over G, then sharing that Internet over N for a full-speed N LAN?<br><br>If not, I'd connect the AirPort to the DSL router via Ethernet. But ideally I'd rather not have to have them located together. My DSL's phone jack isn't in a very useful spot. Plus if I get Time Capsule, I'd like to be able to grab it and go when the fire alarm goes off. Having no cables to yank other than power (and maybe printer) would be nice.<br><br>Thanks in advance.<br><br>nagr[color:red]o</font color=red>mme<br><br>I require stroyent!<br> |

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