<br>A few threads down, Biggerfoot published a screen shot, which showed how he hadn't visited the SoapBox for many months if not years. Some others did the same a few weeks ago, proudly trying to outdo one another in their utter disdain for that nasty section.... that rowdy Ghetto.<br><br>That would seem to be pretty poor use of real-estate. <br>And really, the current descriptions for the fora isn't correct anyway, as we have just seen with the recent Bobby Fischer thread being moved. One can NOT discuss anything in the Lounge, and the PSB is NOT only for political topics. (If those who never ever go "there" might take a look, you'll find that the range of topics is quite broad actually.)<br><br>MC was so very vibrant, because of the mix of characters and topics, because on one page, one could get informed about world affairs, read about books and movies, and still post kids' art-work as I was often wont to do.<br>There was a constant flow of ideas, which grew out of the diversity and yes, sometimes controversy. Yet, with the exception of one individual, who sometimes did use questionable language, I can't even recall a discussion, which went beyond what one would say in ....... well, a Lounge. (After all, if some people went as far as archving the entire MC site, there had to have been more to it than fanaticism, eh?)<br><br>If this side is to be free of controversy, and that, I believe, is the real aim, that's perfectly fine and understandable. But then, perhaps, the other side could become the "real" MC-Alumni section.<br><br>Give it a new name and description, something that isn't stigmatizing members and potential visitors as fanatics!<br><br>How about it folks? Nothing would be lost and a lot could be gained!<br><br> <br><br><br><br><br><br>
"Humor ist, wenn man trotzdem lacht" (Humour means laughing despite of it)
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