So from what little info is on the Apple website this 1TB hard drive in an airport can be used as a grand holding tank for all computers. That would be all wireless and networked into the Airport. It can also be used to run Time Machine from more than one wireless Leopard Mac. OK this is really cool. This could be a very quick and easy 500 buck solution for backup in the lab.<br><br>This has got to be possible but I have to ask since it isn't in the factoids:<br>If I hook up a time capsule to my network at work and assign it a static IP do you think I can run Time Machine backup from any Leopard box on my network? (This connection would be either hardwire to the cisco router that also has the time capsule or wireless mac to airport to cisco router to time capsule since my lab is now about 50 yards long.)<br><br>I know I would likely have to point out to my IS group that there will be automated data transfer from X to Y so they do not think it is viral and block it but is there any other problem? (They would also ask: Why don't you use our backup system and my response would be "because it doesn't work.")<br><br>The cool thing about Time capsule is I can now see how ZFS is going to be great when it arrives. I can set one of these Time Capsules up with ZFS and then keep adding 1TB drives to the backup pool anytime I feel like it.<br><br>