An interesting dilemma for Apple. Do they allow Google to create a better web connection to all those apps using the iPhone thus negating all the cool features of iCal, notes sort of connection to Mac apps? Google doing this will help Apple sell more phones but Steve J would be bummed if all the apps being used on the phone ended up being Google made.<br><br>There are too many twists and turns coming up. How will these phones access the web five years from now? Over a Google owned piece of the spectrum? And how will they do that? From satellite, renting space on the towers already up or do they buy a set of towers? Would Apple think of trying to compete along this path or let google do it?<br><br>I think Apple should let Google do all that and focus on what these phones can do on straight local wireless. Eventually moving to VOIP when a local wireless is available. Since the normal city dweller and even out in the burbs it is too easy to find a Starbucks or house with wireless. <br><br>The one thing they do need ASAP is GPS which plays well with googlemaps. This seems like an obvious given since all the data can be transferred to the phone while in your driveway by wireless and then off to the mountains and the phone only gathers GPS from the satellites for free. RAZRs do this already and the directions by voice are excellent. That combination should scare Garmin and Magellan since why would I want to buy a standalone GPS receiver when I can have it all in one slick phone?<br><br>Or tomorrow I get my wish and Steve announces a high end ultralight. I can add GPS to that no problemo. He could really blow our sox off and he has made a deal with Garmin and sexy GPS is in the ultralight, the iPhone, and the iTouch starting now. Garmin knows that Apple could do it by themselves leaving Garmin on the outside but a Garmin approved phone would be cooler and Apple would not have to spend programmer hours figuring out the future of GPS because Garmin already has.<br><br>Whatever happens, more cool stuff is in the offing.<br><br><br><br><br>