Just came across an article about American West Airlines "test" of charging passengers for meals. If enough people prove to be willing to pay for their food, American West may begin selling food on all of its flights. <br><br>The larger American airlines are considering it, but don't know if they will implement it. Most didn't want to be the first to drop food completely or to start charging for it, but if American West takes the lead, others may be tempted to follow. Its a large cost that airlines have always wanted to eliminate completely, so it may be appealing to them. And of course, given the shape of the industry right now, they want to cut costs wherever possible.<br><br>I always take my own snacks, because I'm still starving after trying to stomach airline food. Here is a list of some of the food items on the American West menu and their price tags:<br><br>- $3 - ice cream<br>- $3 - Snackbox - cheese, crackers, nuts, jerky, cookies (you probably get two meesley pieces of each item).<br>- $5 - Oooh, say it isn't so, The Fancy Snackbox - hot sandwich, chips, salsa, chocolate bar.<br>- Other $5 items - cheese omelet sandwich, cinnamon bun, beef tenderloin patty melt, steak Caesar salad, chicken milano.<br>- $10 Chicken Kiev (just the thought of airline chicken kiev makes my stomach turn, why would I pay $10 to eat it).<br><br>Some European carriers (charters and low fare airlines) sell meals on their flights. I like American Airlines' idea better: they say they have no plans to sell food on its flights, but may drop in-flight food service altogether IF they can negotiate with airports to allow food vendors to sell food at the gate. <br><br><br><br><br>MrsJC<br><br>Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug

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