Yeah I'd suspect virus junk on the thing is slowing it down. Without all that extra junk running, for what you mention it's not that slow of a machine. Also she probably doesn't have much more than 128 or 256MB of memory in the thing, dropping a gig in there would certainly speed it up considerably and probably not cost very much at all. I believe PC2700 DDR is what's needed. Ah, I see on pricewatch 2 gigs is around 50 bucks :)<br><br>There's no way it'd compete head to head with Core Duo, or even an older G5 for things like games or 3D rendering, but what you describe she uses it for, it should work just fine.<br><br>Too bad it's so old, 2 years ago she could have upgraded it to a much faster CPU for next to nothing. Now that they're almost non-existent the CPU's are expensive.<br><br><br><br>Hey I'm an F'n Jerk!

Hey I'm an F'n Jerk!