I figured it out.<br><br>If you look at the picture I posted earlier, you'll see that between Led Zep II and III there is another sorg sporting the Dread Zeppelin Artwork (1970's "Hey Hey What Can I Do"). As of my initial inquiry, I had yet to change delete that erroneous artwork from the file, and for some reason Travelling Riverside Blues was differing to to the artwork from that file. Once I fixed Hey Hey What Can I Do-- the other singles from the box set were blank as they should be. <br><br><blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr><p>You can sort the songs any way you like in iTunes just by dragging them up and down<p><hr></blockquote><p>Yeah, Mike... you can do that in a playlist, but I'm not talking about a playlist. I have my Library sorted that way.<br><br>I've done this with a lot of artists for whom I have a lot music-- the Beatles, Stones, Who, Hendrix, Police., U2... actually too many to mention. I have sh!tloads of one hit wonders (or at least artists that scored only one hit with me), but whenever I complete a collection of tunes which is in my own eyes somewhat exhaustive, I delete it from the library (not from the computer!) and reimport them all together in an orderly manner.<br><br>Hey, I know it's sort of whacked. Some people play solitaire-- I think that's a crazy waste of time. I'm a curator of music. It's a hobby.<br><br>