I don't know about you folks, but I'm pretty anal about my cataloging my iTunes music library. Just about every song has lyrics, proper track numbers, and original cover art. If I buy a compliation (such as the Led Zeppelin box set pictured below), I change all the tags to reflect the origianl release and reimport everything in reverse chronological order so that when sorted by "date added" the artist's body of work is displayed from first song of first album to last song of last album (yeah, there is probably medication for that, but it keeps me from being OCD in other areas of life).<br><br>Anyway... before iTunes had the "get artwork" feature built into the software, I mostly employed a widget that got it from Amazon. And every now and then, it got it wrong. In the screenshot below we see the song "Traveling Riverside Blues" has been incorrectly assigned an album cover by the artist Dread Zeppelin, when viewed in coverflow. This--- even though I deleted the artwork from the song entirely. <br><br>Why would it remain when viewed in coverflow? any ideas?<br><br><br><br>