AAPL at 400 by the end of 2008? It would be remarkable but I really cannot see a reason why it would not happen. The only thing that would stop it is a total stock market meltdown. Sure, meltdown could happen but there would really be no place to hide your money if that did happen. <br><br>Why it could happen:<br>1) Continued uptick of MacOSX as percentage of operating system that accesses the internet. On my science websites OSX has been going up and quickly. Molecular biologists are ahead of the curve.<br>2) ZFS: just one more card that Jobs has not played yet to keep OSX ahead of the crowd. Not really the initial benefits of ZFS but the ease of use which will kick in during the next few years. Investors will see this future benefit laid out in 2008.<br>3) iPhone/iTouch: the cards not played here are numerous. People are snapping these things up and they don't even have GPS in them. Yet. When they do Jobs will make sure GPS with Maps will blow you away. Will iPhone 2.0 in June 2008 have it? Betcha.<br>4) VOIP over the iPhone and iTouch: Can't do voice over IP until the contract with ATT runs out. Then the iPhone is open to all cell providers but it can also be able to find a wireless node and call out with VOIP. This makes the high price worth it as the monthly bill shrinks. Money to Apple, not the cell provider. Then these iPhones will just be printing money for Apple. Cell providers will beg Apple to let them sell the iPhone on their system even though the phone will not need their system. They will cry but they will have no other option. If the pull a Verizon and cripple the iPhone Apple just says no.<br><br>Apple at 400 end of 2008, sure, high probability. Now your use of the word "yearly" is interesting. Trading at 800 by the end of 2009? Could easily happen. It might also take twenty of those 800 dollar shares to heat your house next winter.<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>