With the spreadsheet open, use your mouse to highlight all the cells you want to print. Click File > Print > Preview. Check the box next to Suppress output of empty pages and Print only selected sheets. Click OK. When it asks if you want to print the selection or the entire document, choose Selection. That way you get to see what is going to print before you decide if you want to print it. Ink is expensive! <br><br>I don't know about databases in NeoOffice, though. I would assume, however, that you'd set up a report first, by using queries, and then use the same "preview" process to be sure of what you're going to wind up with before actually telling it to print. The database program I use at work gives me the options, once I've set up my reports, to print to various other formats such as pdf, spreadsheet, text, etc... I like to use the spreadsheet data format so that I can sort it easily.<br>