OfficeBench is a benchmark done via OLE automation and basically attempts to do "real world" things as fast as possible (e.g. click a menu, click a button, and so on). Faster than any human could do it.<br><br>But because it is using OLE automation and because Office/IE are not accelerated by Aero, it is making heavy use of GDI. GDI is unaccelerated in Vista, where as Windows 3.x to XP had accelerated GDI (apparently it was a trade off for Vista).<br><br>OTOH, Vista is doing just as good as XP, and with D3D10, having better graphics than XPs D3D9, at the same frame rate. This is with nVidia drivers built later than Sept.<br><br>Play World of Warcraft, for free!
Play World of Warcraft, for free!