Yeah mike there's heaps of Leo issues, adium & MSN account is in limbo on this end. My Sonos had a few issues i had to tweak, MY Security Spy software running with a Miglia Alchemy TV card doesn't work anymore. Thanks Apple.<br>i wonder how accessible Leo was to developers of 3rd party apps?<br><br>Oh what's that Steve, you don't make any money out of them so you don't care. I see.<br><br> whenever i see a [color:red]r</font color=red>[color:blue]a</font color=blue>i[color:purple]n</font color=purple>b[color:orange]o</font color=orange>[color:green]w</font color=green> i know god is having gay sex
whenever i see a [red]r[/red][blue]a[/blue]i[purple]n[/purple]b[orange]o[/orange][green]w[/green] i know god is having gay sex