IMHO is One to One .<br>I signed up last week as my BDay present to myself.<br><br>I get 52 one hour sessions for only $99 !! (1 per week - cost $2 !! ) <br>I can schedule up to 2 weeks in advance, at ANY Apple store, and times are somewhat flexible to meet your schedule. AND they have dozens of topics. You can even bring in a project and they'll help you !!<br>Even as long as I have been using Macs (20+ years) - I figure I can still learn a lot esp. with the new software iWork 08 and iLife 08, and think what's going to happen when Leopard comes out ? <br><br>I think this is the best offer Apple has on anything.<br>It's ideal for newbies and switchers... one topic is Mac 101 ! <br>perfecto, heh??<br><br>Spread this around to your Windows friends who are thinking of switching but are worrying about the learning curve.<br> One to One - 52 hours of personal tutoring, and only $99 !!<br><br>LOOK here <br><br><br>David (OFI)
David (OFI)