A second Atta Boy.<br><br>I had Stan's live coverage on MacMinute open side by side with the QT live coverage. Nice to have all the details, specs, etc. to refer to during the QT coverage of the Keynote.<br><br>And thanks to OS X I had a lot of other windows going too. <br><br>I kept reloading the list of new files at apple.com, same for apple.com homepage (which is how I found iPhoto download a minute after Keynote ended).<br><br>I turned my firewall off, then back on, because it was blocking the QT stream at the beginning. No need to logout/login. I.E. crashed a couple of times (too many windows I guess, even with 1.5 GB RAM it gave up; maybe that's because I reloaded several windows three or four dozen times). <br><br>Most fun I've ever had watching a Keynote and my thanks to Stan for his coverage which was very promptly posted as the Keynote unfolded.<br><br>Stan, thanks again.<br><br>128k_Mac<br><br>The box said "Requires Microsoft Windows or better" so I bought a Macintosh.