Soooo, yesterday I'm up the street at the B.J.'s Wholesale outlet to get some eggs and some apples. I was out of hot sauce, too, but didn't have enough money with me to get it. Besides, I never even thought to check to see what they have there in the way of hot sauce.<br><br>So I cruised the aisle looking for it. I spy big jugs (somewhere near a gallon, I think) of Frank's Hot Sauce®™. Not bad for every day use, and pretty similar to the Crystal®™ I usually get at the regular grocery store. The posted unit pricing was $1.13 per quart. On the shelf above was Tabasco®™...<B><I><U>$13.30</B></I></U> per quart!!! Over 10x the price of Frank's!?!?!<br><br>You gotta be kidding me!<br><br>
"We writhe with the best of them."