PO-LEEEEZE Post a "HOW-TO" for how to prepare Fried Bananas (Plantains?)<br>I used to buy them from street-venders in NYCity wrapped in waxed paper.<br>You'd just peel down the waxed paper as you went, and eat the sticky contents<br>as if you were eating a large candy bar. <br><br>I came to miss, and utterly CRAVE the dumbed things, and have attempted to<br>prepare them a few times, with mostly miserable results.<br><br>Reading the above post, I think I may have been cooking them before they were<br>ripe enough, because they were very hard & starchy, more like a potatoe than<br>a banana... but when I tried my dark-rum & butter recipe with green finger-<br>bananas I had somewhat better results, ...umm... 'close but no Cuban cigar' <br><br><br><br>[color:green]"...or am I a butterfly that's dreaming she's a woman?"</font color=green> [color:green]. . . _ _ _ . . .</font color=green><br>