I've got a pair of surgical scissors which go on the table whenever we have lobster. long handles and short throw on the scissor part and blunt. I think they are for stripping dressings or something but they go right through lobster.<br><br>My main way of cooking lobster is much simpler:<br><br>Preheat gas grill to med high.<br>Half stick of butter, microwave and stir until liquid in small bowl.<br><br>Take some live lobsters and quickly remove their brains by knife point. That would make them not live. Then split them on their back from brain to end of tail making sure to slice tail right down the middle.<br><br>Remove lungs and brain and discard. <br>Remove roe and any tomale (green) and drop in the butter bowl. When I pic them out I try to select females so I get roe but it is surprising how many meat countermen do not know how to sex a lobster.<br>Fork stir contents. A clove of garlic smashed is optional into butter.<br><br>Lay the lobsters open and crack all other parts open, claws, joints. (The surgical scissors are handy here.)<br>Now drizzle the butter mixture into the cracks and crevices opened and the rest goes into the body cavity.<br><br>This is all really easy and can be done by the time the grill is hot. <br>Lay the lobsters on the grill and close. Take a peek in 8 minutes for 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 pound lobsters. The little legs will get charred a bit, the lobster will be bright red and the tell tale for done is the mixture is just starting to bubble in the body cavity. No more than 12 minutes.<br><br>Grilled lobster is so much better than boiled. Boiled takes all that lobster flavor and washes it away. <br><br>Now that I think of it I don't know why I don't drizzle some Wild Turkey on at the last moment like Jasper's recipe and light it. I might try that this weekend.<br><br>The hard shell Maine lobster hits it's peak from here to November 15. Sweeter more dense meat than what you get in the summer. I love to grill lobster in the winter.<br><br><br>Now I'm hungry.<br><br><br>