A Jasper White Recipe I have used for lobster many times here. at least it is close to his cookbook in my kitchen.<br><br>I wrote this up over at MCF years ago:<br><br>Chik lobsters pound and a quarter to pound and a half are fine. Things get out of control if too much lobster at one time. I made this for four once and we did the whole thing two lobsters at a time. (Too much work and wine consumed before the finish, never again). <br><br>This guy is right, the 1/4 cup bourbon (which is cooked off) is key. I use Wild Turkey. (Chef gets one too). <br>The 1/4 cup white wine we use our house jug wine, Cribari Bianco (9.95/gallon) but any dry white will do. <br><br>This one boils the claws. We never did that but not a bad idea because they are the last thing to be done. May help deciding whether done or not. <br>Cutting up the lobster: we do what this one does but we do not throw the head away! keep everything in there. I remove the brain but leave any green or egg masses in the lobster. great flavoring. If any of the diners are squeamish I would take all the green and egg masses and toss them into a saute pan with a little butter and saute up as a side dish (splash of white wine). I love this stuff. <br>Crack open the claws and all the joints. (Whack with a mallet). The body is cut down the middle and so is the tail. (I think by cracking the claws and if they are small this is how you can omit the boiling of the claws. <br><br>We add a little tarragon along with the chervil and chives. <br><br>I would omit the "season with salt and pepper". Maybe if you boil the claws you need to do this but I would boil them in salt water (150millimolar NaCl) sheesh I used to make this in the lab. Small handful of salt to two gallons boil. <br><br><br><br>The preceding picture was when I lit the bourbon. Do turn off the lights, it's fun. <br><br>This is one of the more pain in the ass recipes but if you get everything in there it is going to be good. don't freak about the cooking time. With the wine, bourbon in there you can't overcook it. (But don't go overboard. <br><br>Last hint. This recipe says wait till shells blacken when under broiler. Depending on distance from the broiler and the pan this can go either way. If shelf setting makes you squeeze it all in allow for a touch of blackening. But if the distance is large just let some of the red shell start to change to brown. <br><br>Last last hint: lobster is so good I serve only french bread with it for sopping up all those weird things that fall out of the body. A little butter and fresh garlic in the bread and put it on the bottom shelf when you do the broiling. You could serve salad and corn on the cob with it but its just a distraction from the main event. <br><br>Hardest part: find the chervil. This may not seem like a break item because there really isn't too much to chervil but we've tried it without and there is a little flavor missing. It combos with the cooked off bourbon very well.<br><br><br><br><br><br>