If you cook the plantain when it's green, it's completely different from what you get when you cook it when it's ripe. The way to cook them when they're green is like this.<br><br>Cut the plantain into chunks about an inch thick. Deep fry them in hot vegetable oil. When they begin to turn golden, take them out, then squash them down so they're about half an inch or so thick. Then dump them back into the hot oil and let them fry until they brown. Salt 'em and eat 'em. That's called platano chatino. You can also use the green plantain the same way you would a potato that you're going to mash. That's called fufu de platano verde. I never liked them that way, though, so I've never made it. And you can also slice the plantain really thin, potato chip thin, and fry them up--called chicharritas. You can find bags of chicharritas at most markets nowadays, at least in the northeast and FL. Don't know about the left coast, which is more influenced by Mexican than by Caribbean cuisine.<br><br>&#63743; &#63743; &#63743; &#63743;
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