If there are any fans of Cuban food here's a very easy recipe for you, cheap but tasty.<br><br>1lb. of very lean hamburger<br>1 cup of dry cooking wine (for echt flavor, get this)<br>1 small can (8 oz.) of tomato sauce<br>pimento-stuffed green olives, sliced<br>1 tsp. cumin<br>1 tbs. oregano<br>dash or two of ground cayenne red pepper<br>salt and ground black pepper to taste<br>some people like to add a handful of raisins (I would but my wife doesn't like 'em )<br><br>Mix all this stuff together thoroughly.<br><br>Meanwhile, in a frying pan, sauté one medium onion, diced, and several cloves of garlic, also diced, in some bacon grease if you have it handy, or in a small amount olive oil.<br><br>When the onions are wilted, lower the heat to medium or less and throw in the meat mixture. Stir the mix for a couple of minutes until it's all happily bubbling away, and then let it simmer until the meat is thoroughly cooked.<br><br>Serve it with rice and, if you really want to be Cuban, with super-ripe fried plantains (I mean really ripe, boys and girls, like you're tempted to throw the plantain away cause it looks too black--that's when it's at its sweetest). Forget vegetables. We don't do no steekin' vegetables.<br><br>&#63743; &#63743; &#63743; &#63743;
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