It appears I made a grevious error. I often "adjust" (delete) my cookies from time to time.<br><br>Don't know if the new software is in use now, but it seems that I deleted only some, not all, of my forum cookies. Attempts to login, which the system appears to have tried to do automatically, failed because all the cookies weren't present.<br><br>I then deleted all MacMinute cookies and was able to successfully login.<br><br>I'm naturally speculating on the "partial deletion" idea, but I do know that with the cookies I had at time of attempted login I had no chance to enter user name or password.<br><br>(The partial deletion was inadvertent but such things happen at times.)<br><br>After deleting all cookies I was able to. And I seem to have inherited five new cookie files. I also notice one from that won't last long and I hope I didn't pick it up here. (More likely from MacCentral from whence I came after cleaning the cookie slate.)<br><br>128k_Mac<br><br>"The box said 'Requires Windows XP or better' so I bought a Macintosh." - Anonymous