Hi Mike. I had no problems at all. This is what I posted on the Apple forums in a couple of the threads.<br><br>"I am a .mac member. My iWeb 6 site upgraded to iWeb 8 with no problems.<br>I wasn't asked to find my domain file. iWeb didn't crash, either on the updating of the domain file or on publishing the site once I made a couple of little tweaks. I still have all my comments in my blog. All my photo album pages still have all their photos.<br><br>I used only the templates that came with iWeb. My one domain.sites file was in the default location (I did not change the location) The photos in my albums came from iPhoto and from folders not in iPhoto.<br>My site isn't too large. I have a Welcome, My Albums (12 albums), My Movies (7 movies) and a blog page. "<br><br><br>For Mike