I do, have a problem with putting all my eggs in one basket, as it were.<br>especially with the swine in the WH et al leaning on them day & nite.<br><br>Anyway, I have been using Dot.Mac since it's inception, but I use iDisk<br>more than anything else... but I guess you can find that cheaper too if<br>you had too. I just like the way .Mail & iDisk, and BackUp & HomePage<br>etc. all work seamlessly together, without having to do "the Rosemary<br>Stretch"<- ref: Watergate (without cobbling it together like with a PCee)<br><br>besides which "@mac" is STILL the coolest e-ddress on the dubyadubyadubya. <br><br>[color:green]. . . _ _ _ . . .</font color=green><br>