It's been 24 hours and I find the iPhone nothing less than remarkable. <br>I came home last night and couldn't activate the phone until I updated some software, esp iTunes. Got that done and activated the phone with no hassle. <br>Then I synced my iTunes (2 playlists only to save space {3.3 Gb}), contacts, Safari bookmarks, iCal, and Contacts. Went very smoothly. I skipped photos... <br><br>Then I started playing... everything worked great, Calendar same as on my Mac. Checked my stocks, Google maps, Weather, and put in some Notes. <br><br> Contacts <br>This was very easy to enter data. Multiple places for multiple phone numbers, email addresses, and other data. It imports all contacts from your Mail, but mine didn't have phone numbers associated with them so I had to enter those. I had about ~50 and it took maybe 45 min. Searching them is SOOO easy... gawd, makes my old phone seem like a tin can !! <br> <br>MAPS <br>Google maps is fantastic...course this was via my WiFi (cable-4 mbs), and you can zoom in and out just like on the Net... zoom in touch the screen where you want to zoom... want to back out, touch with 2 fingers and it zooms out. COOL !! NOW, we were out driving this AM and stopped at aCVS and while my wife went in I popped out the phone and went to Maps.. there it had to use EDGE, it was slower, but the maps came up in 4-5 seconds and I could scroll around, zoom, zoom out, etc.. it was ALL very do-able... you just had to wait 2-3 seconds longer. Think HOW handy that might be if you're stuck in traffic (wreck ahead) and you want an alternate route.. no GPS, but I assume people can read street signs to figure where they are. That alone is super-cool !! <br> <br>MAIL <br>Then I went and tried the mail (back at home)... what was amazing is I had send myself a copy of an email with 3 attachments (photo micrographs) and when I opened the mail - there <br>they were !! I could open them, zoom in or out on the photos... just like I could on line. I thought that incredible !! And I can access both my Mac and AOL accounts. On the road, Mail was also accessible but again 2-3 sec slower in response. EDGE is not WiFi, but it's better than dial-up. <br> <br>Internet <br>This is fantastic. Go any page you want. Use 2 of your fingers to zoom in on anything (place on screen and spread them and it zooms). Use 1 finger to move the page around. Log into sites with password. Touch any active place to use it just as you would a mouse click. VERY usable interface. <br>I posted a couple of times with it to try it out. I logged into several other sites... pretty easy for a portable phone. <br><br> Notes <br>I plan to use the Notes function like a PDA. Store passwords, personal data, etc. The phone has a security feature where it goes to sleep after 1 to 5 min or Never, and you have to enter a code to get back in. Though it's not super security, it does prevent the casual person from attaining critical information easily. <br><br>I'll post more later. I'm still learning and experiencing... but this thing is FAN-tastic !! Jobs and Apple scored more than a HR... wait until word gets around more. These thing will be scarcer than hen's teeth unless Apple has a dozen more plants to crank up. Many waited to see if teh hype was worth the $600... well it's not cheap, it it's worth it if you have the $.<br> <br>More on EDGE : <br>I've played with the EDGE some so this isn't final but it appears that the download speed is directly related to your signal (makes sense)... 5 bars seemed to go faster... with 1-2 bars signal it was slow (30 sec to get CNN page, but that is a very "busy" page- clutter)... in higher areas I'd say 10 sec or so. SO it's not lightening fast but if you want to check something, it's do-able. I was walking around and was surrounded by tall woods... so I think that affected the download. Might be lots better around major highways.<br><br>It also tries to find any WiFi available, if you walking around the neighborhood and someone has their wireless up and no password... viola !! (BTW those pages load real slow - must be the an - tiss - i - pa -shun !! )<br><br>What I don't get it is the Google maps goes lots faster....scroll around and the blocks fill in in 2-4 sec. <br><br>Once something loads on the screen you can immediately zoom in or out on it... no waiting for the rest to load.<br><br> More stuff <br>The iCal colors don't come over but if you set an event for future dates , say such as payday, just like iCal it goes out in the future forever. Like iCal you can look at months, or days (no weeks)... in the Monthly mode each day with events has a raised dot below the number to signify you have something scheduled. There is also a List mode that puts everything in a list by date so you can scroll through it quickly. <br><br>BTW the color mode for the iCal is a software issue, and I have no doubt they'll improve this. ...afterall they have to reserve a few goodies for iPhone OS 2.0 !! <br><br> I got more details about NOTES. Its a cool Notepad and you can keep as many pages of notes as you like. So you can use it like a PDA to keep personal information like SS numbers, PIN numbers, and passwords, etc. If you lock your phone with a passcode, you can reduce the risk of anyone getting to them. I haven't found if you can export or import them from the Mac. Not sure where they'd be. But I'll look.<br><br>Lastly a tidbit about the KEYBOARD , I sometimes have trouble with my fat fingers, well the keyboard has a function that you put your finger on the text you're typed and a magnifying glass appears and makes the letters large. IN the glass is the cursor so you can go exactly where you want to make a change- delete 1 or more characters and type in the correct info. It's VERY handy and smart.<br><br>More as I play and learn things. So far I'm estatic !!!<br><br>David (OFI)
David (OFI)