I'm new to the world of iMacs, but I bought one and have taken the plunge. However, in escaping from the world of PCs, I have discovered that I have to learn how to crawl, once more, before I can walk again. So here are two questions that I currently have. 1. Because I installed Windows XP "upgrade" with the Parallels software, I have no Microsoft Word, or other programs of that nature. Do I need to uninstall this program and go buy the actual Windows XP program in order to have these programs? As well, I cannot get the Windows XP to operate the Internet, is this also because of the XP "upgrade" program? Or, I am just an idiot who doesn't know what he's doing?<br><br>2. Concerning external speakers. I have an external speaker system, complete with a subwoofer, which I am trying to connect to my iMac. According to the booklet that came with iMac, you are suppose to connect your external speaker system in the jack on the back of the monitor with the "headphones" insignia. I've done this. I even went out and bought a new subwoofer cable because I thought that was the problem--no dice. My question is do I need some kind of special cable for the external speakers, and/or am I connecting the system to the right port?<br><br>Thanks, <br>Scott<br><br><br>