Hi Gang,<br><br>It's Michael Coyle, original founder of ResExcellence. I'd like to announce a new website I'm launching called (cleverly enough), Michael's Mac. For the past month, it has been running under the radar as I work out bugs and implement features. The focus is on news from the Macintosh GUI community: Icons, Desktops, Themes, Snapshots, Tutorials, etc.<br><br>10 years ago when I launched ResExcellence, there were half a dozen locations where Mac artists could showcase their creations. These old sites, MacPlaza, MacMonkies, ResEx, GUI Junkie, all had distinct personalities and connected hundreds of small islands of creativity that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.<br><br>Today, we have a few sites that have really great GUI archives, but I feel they've lost the quirky personality that made the old sites fun. I'm hoping to change that.<br><br>Do me a favor and take a peek at Michael's Mac. Let me know what you think in the Forum, and if you have some news to send my way, or a creation you'd like to post, there are links at the top of the page to help you do that.<br><br>Wish me luck - it's a jungle out there!<br><br>Michael<br><br>Old School Text Sigs are Dope ;-)<br>Cool Mac Stuff: MichaelsMac.com<br>
Old School Text Sigs are Dope ;-)
Cool Mac Stuff: MichaelsMac.com