NYC is staring down the barrell of a Transit Workers strike. If the Union and the MTA can't come to an agreement by midnight tonight, the subways and buses that move 7 million New Yorkers around each day will grind to a halt. An illegal halt, I might add.<br><br>There was a transit strike in 1980, and the City managed. But that strike didn't happen a couple of weeks before Xmas, nor was NYC's economy still recovering from an event like 9/11.<br><br>Personally, I won't be directly impacted (I prefer to walk as often as possible), but there will be inconveniences. For instance, I went to Queens today to pick up my wife's sewing machine. I caught the subway 50' from my door, then a bus from a particular station in queens and got off the bus in front of the sewing machine repair shop. About 25 min. each way, literally door to door. Can't do that in too many cities. Public schools will start 2 hours late, but dismiss at the usual time. Car pool rules will be in force big-time. Limos will be allowed to do curbside pick-ups, like cabs, and cab-sharing is being encouraged.<br><br>The real impact will be felt by emergency personnel, businesses and the city's bottom line (this could cost NYC up to $350 million/day!).<br><br>Oh well, back to the countdown... <br><br>