Here's how it works:<br><br>1) We start with a word.<br><br>2) Go to Google Image Search and do a search for that word. Hopefully you get all kinds of interesting/weird/fun results!<br><br>3) Post one of those images ... can be one that's especially unlike the word, unusual, weird, pretty, whatever you like ... probably best to avoid anything toooo huge. I guess nothing toooo naughty here.<br><br>4) The person who posts an image picks the next word.<br><br>If two people post a pic for the same word at about the same time, the next word should be the one named by whoever posted first, but sometimes words get lost in the shuffle, it's all good.<br><br>To post an Image: Click "See Full Size image" after your Google Image search. Copy the address of the the pic (the URL) -- you can also click your right mouse button and click "copy image location" to do this.<br><br>Then copy the picture into image tags<br>[img] [/img] spell image out in both tags I know most of you know this<br><br>Sometimes images won't go to full screen ... links will be dead, etc. Sometimes you can't "borrow" images ...<br><br>I recommend previewing your post when posting something with a pic to make sure it will show up ... they can be a tad unpredictible.<br><br>But despite all this verbiage, it is not hard and:<br><br>This is a fun game!!<br><br>Starting us off: <br>Angels: <br>[image][/img]<br><br>Next word<br><br>Juice<br><br><br><br>oh yeah, that's going in the blog
oh yeah, that's going in the blog