As much as I enjoy bashing MS, whose software I use everyday at work, and as much as I enjoy extolling Apple products, I would never want Apple to do "too" well, anyway. If Apple ever got above a 10 percent user base, what fun would that be? It's always fun finding another Mac user out there when you weren't expecting one, and talking about them. (Except for the about the first year of it's production, how much fun is it running across another iPod user?) For me, it's like finding another left-hander. I like being left-handed, but I wouldn't want our numbers too increase too much. I want Microsoft to continue putting out stuff that I will characterize negatively (not that it is so hard) and I want to continue to wonder why more people don't jump over to my side. And I suspect a lot of Mac users feel the same.<br><br>We are what we repeatedly do. -Aristotle
We are what we repeatedly do - Aristotle