Well, the same problem obtains in any situation where there is a dominant thing, whether that be an OS or a racial group. The first time I went to NY City I went with a black friend from HS, and we stayed with his uncle in Harlem. I did the whole Harlem thing, and the second afternoon we went to the Apollo theater, which at the time was one of those wonderful full-day entertainment venues, beginning with a cartoon, followed by a B movie and then an A movie, going on to a series of comics, and ending with a musical show (that night it was Peaches and Herb, if you remember them). Anyway, the comedy routines were to me a revelation: almost all the jokes were "white jokes" (which at first made me very self-conscious). So why were the comedians obssessing, to use your term, with whites? Isn't the answer self-evident? And isn't the same answer self-evident in connection to an OS that asserts it dominates 95% of computers?<br><br>
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