<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr><p>A bit of an exaggeration. If you remove the discussions which exist just to get a rise out of Akula's predictable gobbling up of the "Vista sucks" bait there would be barely any venting at all about Vista.<p><hr></blockquote><p>A bit of an exaggeration you say? On the day I mentioned, there were practically no new posts that weren't slagging off Microsoft in some way. I had the new threads set to "active in the last day" and it was a slag-fest aimed squarely at MS.<br>So if it was an exaggeration, it was a very slight exaggeration.<br><br>But without going through the tedium of revisiting the MacCentral forums and looking through each post by date, you'll never have proof either way. So I copied the MS-related threads that have been active in the last week and compare them to the total.*<br><br>That's 34 of a total of 68 threads in the last week. That comparison doesn't begin to take into account that those 34 threads were made up of significantly more posts than those that didn't negatively focus on Microsoft, so although half of MacCentral's threads were obsessing about MS, the actual percentage of posts was even higher.<br><br>Let me summarize:<br>The majority of traffic on MacCentral's general discussion forum over the past week has been about Microsoft in some way or other. You apparently believe that because they involve the poster Akula a good deal of the time, then in some way that proves that Mac users are not obsessed with MS at all. If you truly believe that, then I can only shrug and shake my head at the magnitude of your self deception.<br><br>But you know what? I think you're grasping at that explanation because you want it to be true, not because you really do believe it.<br><br>Here's a funny thing; I don't need to sip from the chalice of the Cult of Apple (which has succeeded the Cult of Mac for obvious reasons) in order to enjoy the platform and to appreciate its advantages. And there are many.<br><br>But the rhetoric that's hurled about as fact in our community is as misguided as anything I've heard quoted from the MS camp. Apple is just as guilty of hype as MS and I note with some sense of irony that we give SJ a major leave pass and a nudge and wink when he's doing it but we muster up a righteous outrage when the competition play the same game. <br><br>Can you spell "hypocrisy"? <br><br>But I've argued this point as far as I feel comfortable. My impression is that not toeing the platform line is damaging what little standing that I have here so I'll call it quits at this point. If any other comments are forthcoming, I'll naturally be interested in reading them, but I think I've made my argument as eloquently as I'm able. Anything further will be repetition.<br><br>Cheers.<br><br><br><br>*The following is a list of MS related threads at the MacCentral general discussion forums over the last week.<br><br>*cha-ching [wow inside] ichi.cMg 65 2 (2) 01/31/07 07:48 PM<br>*captain she cant take much more! ichi.cMg 119 7 (7) 01/31/07 09:29 PM<br>*Gates grilled by NPR. kagharaht 71 3 (3) 01/31/07 08:10 PM<br>*I love this quote Akula 451 54 (54) 02/01/07 03:04 AM<br>*SF Vista madness... ichi.cMg 151 6 (6) 01/31/07 07:18 PM<br>*Was this in the XP EULA? MikeS 157 10 (10) 01/31/07 05:45 PM<br>*German TV gets Vista Blue Screen!! eckhard 181 11 (11) 01/31/07 12:50 PM<br>*Three compelling reasons to switch kagharaht 111 7 (7) 01/31/07 03:37 PM<br>*So were there long lines for Vista? iBookmaster 126 8 (8) 01/31/07 07:38 PM<br>*The new 'Switcher' Campaign? 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