Hi Yoyo52.<br><br>Thanks for the response. I agree that Vista's release has the world's attention right now, but that doesn't explain the negative obsession with MS that the Mac forums are demonstrating. For an OS that's supposed to be so inferior to OS X, it sure gets a lot of attention from our community. Methinks we doth protest too much.<br><br>Have I ever been to a PC forum? As a PC user, most certainly. Have I ever seen "their obssession with Macs"? Frankly, no. In my experience, Macs are rarely mentioned, because they are irrelevant to the sort of topics the PC users post about.<br><br>I do see anti-Mac on 'neutral' boards such as ZDnet etc, but I also see as much, or more anti-MS from the Mac fanboys. But from dedicated PC sites? Nope. You'll have to give an example.<br><br>I saw Akula getting what seems to be an endless torrent of flame in several threads, so I must say he has a thick hide. Given the hammering he was taking, I don't know why he bothers, but it takes all kinds I guess. <br><br>But one PC zealot in a Mac forum defending MS hardly balances the anti-MS hate-fest that seems to be a significant part of their daily fare.<br><br>It makes me ponder as to whether Bill Gates sexually abused some of the posters there when they were kids, judging by the hatred that's evident. Somebody called ichimg is a standout example. Man, what a weirdo.<br><br>However, getting back to the point, what's wrong with "Assertions about the new OS, comparisons between it and other OSs"? Seems to me that it's a healthy thing to compare products in the media. It's just strange to me that on the Mac forums we're so intent on bagging MS - insecurity is my guess. <br><br>But I accept that you choose to believe differently, and I respectfully disagree with your view.<br><br>Thanks for expressing it though. <br><br>