I hope that was "tongue in cheek". I didn't see a winkie.<br><br><br>For anyone else:<br>That's 3 copies for $500 ! <br>and 2 of those are pared down versions.<br><br>In contrast, Apple gives you 5 FULL copies for $300 LESS.<br><br>Lastly VISTA is M$ best and latest and may equal OS X 10.4 !<br>We'll see. <br><br>....so $500 for "older (stolen) technology"... mmmm...<br>seems M$ gets the good deal , NOT the user.<br>but... it may be better than their last deal. <br><br>David (OFI)<br><br>PS. Will someone pass those VISTA adopters a jar of vaseline?
David (OFI)