<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr><p>the amount of anti-Microsoft rhetoric on the Mac sites is deafening. That shows that we're more concerned with Vista as a threat of some sort to OS X than we ever were about XP.<p><hr></blockquote><p>I certainly can't speak for all Mac users, but I suspect that statement is crap. The whole idea of Apple being a small, cuddly company is long, long gone. They are a multi-billion dollar corporation with tremendous market influence and a household name. I'm a huge fan, but I think I spend more time bitching about their few shady business practices than defending them now. I am not the least bit worried (or even interested) about what Vista might "do" to OSX. The mere idea that Apple, the corporation, would be significantly affected by MS putting out a (supposedly) solid update to their OS is just no longer a concern.<br> <br>No, I think the reason Apple fans enjoy pointing out the misgivings of Microsoft products is because they are such easy targets. Even if Vista does turn out to be great, MS has such a bad reputation for buggy, confusing bloatware. Look at this great little blurb from The Reg about just trying to figure out what to install*. And that isn't something unique to Vista, or even Windows in general, its par for the course with MS.<br><br><br>* Microsoft's Vista Update advisor software lists Microsoft Messenger as a potential third party conflict with Vista. You see? That stuff is priceless.