{not directed at you personally}<br><br>In addition to OS X's comment about 10.1, also consider how many Windows versions have been out since OS X debuted?<br>Win2000, Win XP and now Vista...., but this has to be at least the 3rd new OS from MS since 2000... so 3 X $200+.<br><br>Furthermore, I didn;'t upgrade every time, I skipped one version and got Panther on a new machine, so IF /When I buy Leopard, it'll be my 3rd ! ...<br><br>My whole point about price is that few would opt for the Home basic, and that I think Apple's pricing is better structured.... they don't have 12 different versions.<br><br>I'll also say that at least with one service pack the Windows users despirately needed those fixes... sure Apple has updates/ fixes, but nothing has been major for me.<br><br>However, I don't care what MS comes out with, actually Office 2007 sounds more intriguing than VISTA. AND I welcome them if they do good. WHY? it keeps Apple competative and sharp... drives Apple's innovation and we all benefit. So come on M$, show us what ya got ?<br><br>David (OFI)
David (OFI)