nice article:<br> on VISTA <br><br>I like these lines: [color:blue]<br>"1. Vista looks pretty. The edges of the windows are now transparent, like little glass microscope slides. Vista blatantly following the trend set by Apple "<br><br>"They've even, finally, come up with a decent way to make laptops sleep and wake up again, which XP was never very good at."<br><br>"One, there's a lot of functionality built into Vista look at the photo editor, which is integrated with the operating system and which works like a stripped-down version of the already-stripped-down Photoshop Elements. Isn't that the kind of anti-competitive integration that got Microsoft into anti-trust court last time around? </font color=blue><br><br>"Good job, Gatesy !!" <br>Lie, cheat, and steal !!<br><br>David (OFI)
David (OFI)