I have cable and love it. Have had it for 2 years and really no problems. Mine was affiliated with AT&T but now I think it's RoadRunner.<br><br>Here are the reasons I went with cable vs DSL:<br>1. DSL, here at least, was more expensive<br>2. DSL was slower on downloads (but faster on uploads)<br>3. At the time, don't know about now, it was a lot harder hooking up DSL to a mac I think.<br><br><br>My suggestions, since you have a wide variety of choices unlike some of us..I only have 2, cable or BellSouth DSL...is to check on prices. DSL may be cheaper for you there and it may be the way to go. If cable is cheaper, then go for that since you have the phone and such.<br><br>Also, keep an eye on "new sign-up" deals....some give you the modem or free installation. <br><br><br>[color:red]Don't make me open this on you!</font color=red><br>
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