This forum was set up originally to discuss issues (at our member's request) during the last US presidential election. However, I have been monitoring this for a while and it is getting a bit out of hand. MacMinute is not a political commentary site, and while we welcome open debate on issues, we are getting a bit off focus here. I sincerely don't want to close the board, but I will watch it for a few more weeks and make a decision. It is not the debate that is a problem, rather it is the extreme right or left views that cause me concern. We are a Mac site and healthy conversation is welcomed, but I am seeing more and more harsh, racist, and derogatory posts being made. That is not what we are here for and I will not support it.<br><br>I just wanted to be open with my readers and let you know. Please keep it in check and all will be well. However, if it continues as it has been going, I will shut it down.<br><br>Many thanks for your consideration,<br><br>Stan Flack<br>Publisher<br><br>