<br><br>It's the George Foreman G5 Grill - and no, I didn't buy from Walmart or pay that much either. I heart gift cards. <br><br>Anyway, this thing is freakin' amazing. We had one of the original GF grills, and just recently the non-stick cooking substance started to wear off. Rather than continue to cook meat on a potential cancer-causing surface, I opted to replace it. <br><br>This all started when I had a panini sandwich at a friend's house - I became consumed with buying a Panini grill, but couldn't find this one particular model (Delonghi) in stock anywhere. Finally I'd gotten fed up with trying to find it online and just picked this one up the weekend after New Years'.<br><br>Started out with some pancakes Sunday morning - I slapped on the baking pan, poured on the batter, and in about 7 minutes (high setting) I had 3 of the fluffiest, most perfect buttermilk pancakes you'd ever want to see. These things were so well-formed and tasty it was scary.<br><br>Later on that night we were in sandwich mode for dinner. Slap on another interchange grilling plate and we were good to go for paninis. The wife had ham & cheese, I had roast beef & swiss - 4 minutes on the medium setting and they were done. Just something about a warm sandwich that makes it 10 times more appealing to eat than if it were just out of the fridge.<br><br>Sometime later, I decided to grill up some chicken breasts for future lunches & dinners that week. Slap on a new plate on the bottom and away we go - sliced up the chicken, and in about 6 minutes I had myself 4 perfectly grilled hunks o' meat. Like the pancakes, I had to rub my eyes when I saw how perfect they looked. Only a few light brown marks on the top from the 'steak' plate, but otherwise they were completely clean of any burns, blemishes, etc. I had to cut them all open down the center just to make sure they were actually cooked!<br><br>And cleaning this thing is just a dream compared to the old model. The plates are all removable and dishwasher safe, but with the included sponge I simply wiped em' all down with some warm water & a little soap and they were fine 'as is'. I did run them through the dishwasher anyway just to see how they turned out. <br><br>Great purchase overall. Saves me from freezing my butt off trying to grill outside this time of year...<br><br>Gosh this sounds like an amazon.com review, don't it? <br><br>
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