From FEET to the FIRE, the media after ni lvn<br>by Krinstina Borjesson. <br>Great interviews with bigtime journalists, must have, must read. Here's some:<br><br>From the interview with Ron Suskind:<br>pg. 163ish<br><br>What are the implications if indeed it is successful and it will be repeated? What are the implications for our democracy? <br><br> This problem is compounded by the fact that message control is being exercised in an environment that is increasingly fact-starved. Fact-starved, not necessarily because there aren't some facts out there, but because each side has its own set and in many cases the sides won't even agree on the basics, that, say, the sun rises in the east. They do not share or agree upon facts. Without mutually agreed-upon facts, what you get is a tyranny of who can be more confident and unflinching and precise in sticking to the script. I think that ultimately creates problems for a sacred principle of informed consent. If the administration had their druthers, they would rather it be consent that is as uninformed as possible.<br><br>What role is the press playing in all this? <br><br> The press is doing what it has always done. The press is working around the clock trying to keep up with the pace of events and trying to come up with a response to these strategies. What they face are more and more people who say, "I don't see any reason why it in any way benefits me or is worthwhile for me to talk to you. In fact, in this administration, if I speak to you in an unmanaged way without proper authorization I could face real consequences. My bosses have made that clear to me."<br><br>- That book was published in 2005.<br><br>Cowards oppress the weak. Cult leaders kill their own.