Not sure if AAPL has a minimum but considering that the transaction costs 12 bucks (unless you load your etrade account up with 50K then they transaction is free.) you don't want to be buying a hundred bucks worth.<br><br>Do not take advice about stocks from me but,<br><br>1) Scrape one thousand bucks together.<br>2) Open an etrade account during lunch today and put the oneK in.<br>3) Wait five business days. (Etrade just put this in a few months ago. It sucks but you can't use the dollars in a trade until the 5 days pass.)<br>4) put it all on one number (I guess in this case it would be AAPL.)<br>5) Try to keep your logging into etrade down to once a week.<br>6) Think of it as leagalized gambling and do not commit your kid's college fund.<br>7) If your number doubles in value sell half and from then on you are playing with house money.<br>8) From then on just buy low sell high.<br><br>Easy right? Since I am having Raman noodles for lunch today I gotta stop getting rule number 8 backwards. And rule number 7 is for pussies, I say "let it all ride, baby needs a new pair of shoes!!"<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>