Sell? Ah, if I knew the answer to that question I would be having a 600 dollar lunch today and ordering an iPhone. For me, and likely you, Apple is a very dangerous stock to own. Why? Because you love the company. Or lurve to quote Woody allen. (A mixture of lust and love.) Because of that there is a large danger of holding it right through obvious sell sings and we ride it all the way down.<br><br>But let us think about the best and the worst case scenario. <br><br>Worst; Jobs is sent to jail, iPhone spectacular flop, Leopard ships with a virus and Al Gore's iPhone sets his thinning hair on fire.<br><br>Best: Jobs has hit another home run and the stock breaks 100 by Friday, split next week and is back nipping at 100 by the intro in June.<br><br>The only worst case that I think is probable is that everyone is sick of hearing about the iPhone by the end of next week and there is a dip of 12%. If you are into selling and buying I would sell next Friday at 3PM and repurchase on the following Tuesday.<br><br><br><br><br><br>