It's my understanding there are no heat issues, so redesign of what basically remains the G3 case for the Tower model would not be an issue. <br><br>Graphics cards are growing in size as the MB increases, but that appears a non-issue too.<br><br>Current marketing trends suggest that every manufacturer has to update their external design at frequent intervals. If unneeded, why? The G3 Tower box is about as good as it gets when it comes to easy access. I'm skeptical at the high end Mac user market is as conscious of colors and such as the low end.<br><br>The compact size of the Cube was not its only feature. It improved on the already excellent design of the iMac by Apple Engineers who seem to have excellent knowledge when it comes to both cooling needs and quietness.<br><br>Those aren't exactly points easy to market, but I know they mean a great deal to me and other Mac users. I've always felt that's one reasons why Macs don't wear out, why too many of us still have old Macs cluttering our closet or storage space. It's hard to throw them away. I should know. <br><br>But the hard-to-sell quiet feature of the iMac and the Cube were two things Apple didn't hesitate to point out as a feature. I think that any design change is therefore going to feature something related to cooling and/or noise reduction. I can't see easy access going away, because Apple has taken a good deal of heat over the years with certain models (incl me) due to poor access.<br><br>The current generation of Mac designers is clearly one of the best teams in the history of the Mac. Combining the breakthrough elegance and design of the Cube with the expansion capabilities of the Tower is no easy task. It's probably also a greater challenge, other than the issues of compact design featured by the Cube, iBook, and TiBook, faced before.<br><br>I can't see it downing down the road of an iMac, one piece, yet. Too many of us have been spoiled by a 22 inch Cinema display and parking an LCD monitor on top of a box smaller than that wouldn't quite be the "solution" IMHO. The folks that buy that 22 inch monitor are the hardcore of the market for high end Macs.<br><br>Have already mentioned I think we can expect something that will feature noise reduction and cooling. Maybe not too radical a change. FireWire drives don't have the cooling problems of the SCSI drives the graphics/video crowd also likes. They're much quieter. Apple is the patent holder of the FireWire technology as we all know.<br><br>Wherever possible, Apple is taking advantage of FireWire, witness the iPod, not to mention FW ports on every Mac model. Oxford chip set has bumped a FW drive, cheap ATA hardware with FW brains & electronics, up in the 35-40MB/sec range. Since Mac desktop models are presently 12-18MB/sec range, users invariably notice a significant speed advantage when using such drives when launching apps, copying, and saving.<br><br>Hmmm....<br><br><br>128k_Mac<br>"When in doubt, reboot" - CaseCom